Correction & Proofreading - Manuscripts, theses, reports, books, novels
You have just completed a manuscript, a novel, a chronic, a report, a thesis or any literary work  and you want that an experienced person read it and correct the inevitable mistakes?

Whatever the topic approached (tourism, travel, history, science, economics, portraits, health, politics, romance...), I read and correct your texts written in French.

I also offer a rewriting service to improve your writing.


  • Corrections: spelling, grammar, syntax
    Correction of typing errors, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, improvement of the syntax so that your text will me perfect.

  • Rewriting of your texts
    Reformulation and if necessary reorganization of texts, removal of redundancies to make it fluider and therefore more enjoyable to read.

Prices vary depending on the number of pages to correct and the quality of the writing as well as the time dedicated to corrections.

For basic corrections (spelling, grammar), the price is about 3 euros per page corresponding to about 600 words. A discount can be applied for large documents.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a quotation.