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Translation - Correction - Proofreading - Writing: Scientific & Medical


Proofreading - Correction of manuscripts (spelling, grammar, syntax)

Missions of Sci Trad:

  • Medical/Scientific field: scientific and medical writing, scientific and medical translation (En>Fr and Fr>En) and correction of scientific and medical documents (in French and English)

  • General fields: proofreading and correction of manuscripts, books, theses, reports, novels, chronics... written in French

Sci Trad : an expert translator/writer/proofreader with a PhD in Pathophysiology and additional training in clinical research to specialize in medical writing.

Sci Trad has:

  • an extensive experience of the methodological approach, analysis, and use of results

  • the expertise in scientific and medical writing

  • a solid knowledge of the scientific and medical English, indispensable for publishing in international peer reviews

  • a perfect French (spelling, grammar, syntax)

Sci Trad offers its expertise to research and development organizations, whether public or private (INSERM, CEA, IGR, CNRS, hospitals, Pharmaceutical, CRO, translation agency, patient associations...).

Sci Trad commits to a quick and adapted answer to your needs, guaranteeing you the attention that must be dedicated to your project and to respect the confidentiality of your documents.

Proposed services

Medical or scientific writing in French or English for all your scientific (dominant Biology) and/or medical documents.

  • Writing of medical/scientific articles or abstracts

  • Writing of clinical research protocols

  • Drafting and writing of CRFs

  • Design and writing of newsletters

  • Writing and formatting of posters, ppt slides

Translation/correction from French to English and English to French for all your scientific (dominant Biology) and/or medical documents.

  • Publications
  • Reviews
  • Abstracts
  • Grant applications
  • Activity reports
  • PhD
  • Training reports
  • Slides
  • Resume, CV

Transcription and/or synthesis of conferences and meetings

Proofreading - Correction of your manuscripts written in French

  • Theses

  • Books

  • Novels

  • Reports

  • Chronics

  • Biographies

  • All topics